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Whether you want a luxury swimming pool, cocktail pool, spa, or something unique, we can create the perfect design. We can bring the Hill Country river scenery right into your backyard with natural boulder pools, grottoes, and spas. Why should kids get to have all the fun? Create some neighborhood envy, and let’s throw a slide in for more exciting ways to enter the pool with a cocktail. Leaning towards a design that is more sleek and simple? We absolutely love modern pool design, and will create a space that compliments your existing home’s style. Contemporary swimming pool design is very popular, especially for sellers wanting their listing to stand out in today’s competitive market. Some of our favorite modern features include swimming pool infinity edges, fire tables, and perimeter overflow spas.

WATER FEATURE DESIGN san antonio & austin


Water features are also a very popular and valuable additions to homes. Nothing makes an outdoor living area more relaxing in our hot summers, than the sound and cooling effects of water. We can design water fountains, runnels, and waterfalls that can increase resell value of any home. Imagine being mesmerized by the tranquility of running water from waterfall. Our features can also serve a purpose, other than just aesthetic. Many clients like to hire us to design water features that mask the hum of busy highways or loud neighbors. The sensation of ambient water will transform your outdoors into the perfect spot for entertaining or simply relaxing by yourself.


We deliver a variety of designs and schematics Depending on the service that best fits your needs. We can provide simple swimming pool layout plans to a fully detailed structural construction packet for you to provide to the pool builder of your choice. Two of our team members have had over 20 years of luxury pool construction experience. We use our expertise to provide pool contractors with the information they need to deliver an exceptional product with sound construction and hydrology.


The design phase starts with a preliminary meeting, followed by the creation of one or two concept drawings. After a direction is picked, we will progress through several iterations until we hear you proudly exclaim ‘That’s the one!’ If clients would like a visual aid during the design phase, we can provide 3D renderings and walk-throughs of how the design will look when completed. Our thorough background assists us in incorporating today’s technological advancements like water conscious solutions, advanced sanitation systems, and spa jet hydrology that is sure to impress. Once the design is fully developed, the project is ready to be sent out for bids. We will spec all materials and finishes, and work with you to make sure your backyard swimming pool looks just how you always dreamed of.

If you are looking to add beautiful elements to your outdoors, our pool and spa architecture services are the perfect choice.

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