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Outside yards are incredibly beautiful and usable during the day. Your landscape should be equally enjoyable at night. From soft glows to bold tree accents, we can create a beautifully illuminated area that you will enjoy for hours after the sun goes down. Your home will not only look amazing when pulling up, but can be a true delight to look out upon from living room windows.

Outdoor Lighting plans aren’t only just for aesthetics, they can also increase safety and visibility for new guests and older family members in the evening. Clients love when we gently wash their sidewalks and motor courts with just enough light to guide guests safely to the doors. Well configured outdoor lighting also provides a sense of security when pulling up to your home late at night.

Whatever it is that you are looking to accomplish with your outdoor lighting, we can ensure that you get the effect that you have always dreamed of having. We can design minimalist lighting plans with only simple touches here and there, to a creation worthy of a Griswald family Christmas, and anything in between! Our affordable outdoor lighting can include lighting designs for gardens, patios, driveways, and any other areas of your landscaping.



Our lighting designs feature sustainable LED lights and fixtures that will illuminate your yard for years. Below are some popular fixtures and their uses, if you would like to gain a better understanding beforehand.

Uplights, like their name suggests, are used mainly to warmly light up tree trunks, canopies, and focal features. They have a very focused light beam. Downlights alternatively are mounted from above and used to illuminate areas below. Popular applications would include small fountains, planters, walkways, and driveways. They also create a great soft glow in large areas where you can entertain or the kids can safely play at night. Wash lights are used to spread light behind objects like shrubs and bamboo to create depth in smaller yards, or create interesting shadows. Washlights also are a great addition to home exteriors if you want to add some interest to blank dark walls and columns. The last most widely used fixture is a path light. These are used predominantly to light up gardens and sidewalks. We prefer to use very slender units that don’t detract from the landscaping.


Our designers can create everything from a complex outdoor lighting design, to simple accent lighting plans. We will meet to discuss your project goals, and set an initial budget for the project. We want to provide you a design that looks amazing, while still being financially feasible. If we do not get the design perfect, we will make small revisions to the lighting plan as needed. Once the plan is complete, it is ready to send out to contractors. You can always make further tweaks during the installation or lighting demonstration phases.

Let’s light up your outdoors!
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